Technology Tips : Good Internet Speed for Gaming

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There are old timers among us who recall a time when the only way to connect to the internet was only via the rate of 5 KB/s which also blocked the phone connection when the line gets connected.
In today scenario, we are connected with wired or wireless, be it on our consoles, phones or computers. Most of the people have access to download speeds anywhere from 20 to 40 Mbits that is 1 to 4 KB/s, while some of the optic fiber networks can go up to 1 Gbit-125MB/s.

Apart from this, this is an exponential increase but how much of you need for gaming? What should be the download speed required for a smooth and steady online game playing experience?

What is a Good Internet Speed for Gaming and Recommended Internet Speed For Gaming

The general rule of a thumb is that you should require to have a download speed of at least 3Mbits and with the upload speed of at least 1Mbit to play the game without any issue. There are also some of the limits on the minimum required internet speeds on Xbox One and PS4.

These are the minimum recommended speeds which you might need a faster connection based on some factors which I have discussed below:

Connection Types

  • Wired vs. Wireless
    When it comes to the way that how your computer communicates with your router, it can either be in the form of a wireless or wired connection.
    As a fact, a wired connection is faster and more reliable, and there is only a less chance that you will face any issue with a wireless one if you are using it close to the router with no walls separating to it.

Type of Internet Connection

Most of the people of the world are connected to the internet with one of the following techniques:

DSL: It stands for Digital Subscriber Line, which is connected with the help of a telephone line. There are mainly the copper cables with a maximum speed of 50 Mbit, but rates tend to become much lower in practice which depends on the quality of the infrastructure.

Coaxial Cable: A coaxial cable is what we usually refer to as cable TV. This cable offers more stable and much faster speeds than DSL connects since the rates and quality of the service can also vary from Internet Service Provider(ISP) to ISP.

Fibre optical cable: these cables use light to transmit the data which makes them the most stable and fastest means of connection in the world. Moreover, fiber optic coverage is not as extensive as just type of other connection types.

Satellite: As the name only implies, connection with the internet is established with the help of an orbiting satellite by using an antenna. The primary and primary advantage of a satellite connection is that it is only limited by ground infrastructure, as it is also more expensive, tends to suffer from latency and has lower speeds and stability issues.

Mobile Network: It is another type of wireless connection, it allows you to access the internet via a mobile network, as the name implies. Moreover, these have a reduced price speed ratio and can also suffer from stability issues based on the network coverage.
But it is highly recommended to go either with DSL, coaxial or fiber optic if you want a stable connection without any constant connection.

How Many Devices Can Connect to One Wireless Router

Computer and some other devices on the network must share a finite capacity of resources, and that is true for both the Wi-fi and wired network. Moreover, the precise limit depends on the multiple factors.

For example, many of us have noticed that when we connect the laptop, desktops and some of the smartphones to a network, then it is much harder to stream Netflix, or Amazon Prime video on the Television not only with video streaming quality diminish but also the upload and download quality of every device on the network.
Most of the home networks and public Wifi function with a single wireless access point or a broadband router at the time of the home network. Moreover, large business computer networks install multiple access points to expand the wireless network coverage to a much large physical area.

Each point has some limits for some connections and amount of network that it can handle, but by integrating the multiple of them into a large area of the system, the overall speed scale can be increased.

Many of the individual wireless routers and some f the other access points support up to a maximum of 250 connected devices. A router can also accommodate a small number only between 2 and 4 of wired intranet clients with the best combined over wireless.
The speed rating of access points represents the maximum network bandwidth they can support. A wifi router which can be rated at 300 Mbps with almost 100 devices connected.
However, most of the clients only use their network connection very limited, and a router shifts its available bandwidth to the clients that need it.

How to Maximize Your Network’s Potential

By installing a best ethernet switch for gaming or the access points on a home network can significantly help in distributing the load of a system. By adding more and more access points to a system, effectively any number of devices can be easily supported. Moreover, this also makes the network progressively more challenging to manage.
Another thing that you can do is you have already one or more routers that support a large number of devices to increase the bandwidth which is available to each simultaneously connected device by upping your subscription with ISP.

Tips Making Smoothie : How to Make Smoothies Thicker

How to Make Smoothies Thicker

Healthy smoothies are beneficial for your body and also easy to make, and thick ice-cream like smoothies are more even better. They keep us full of energy for the longer duration of time and are so satisfying that they don’t also leave your carving junk for sweets or foods. So, here are ten ways that how to make smoothies thicker:

1. Frozen vs. Fresh Fruit

Frozen fruit gives a deliciously creamy texture to smoothies and is an excellent thickener for smoothies that are a bit too runny mainly frozen banana. You can save the preparation time by chopping your fruit into vast chunks and popping it into freezer bags.

When you are ready to make your smoothie, you will already have the right amount waiting for you. The backside of using frozen fruit is that budget blenders with low power machine will struggle to cope with them, so that you will need one of the strong smoothie blenders that guarantee will crush all the ingredients.

2. Add Nut Butters

Another option for thicker smoothies is to add some nut butter such as almond butter and peanut. That gives a yummy taste and blend well with the great smoothie. If you also have a high-performance blender, then you can even have a go at making your nut butter from scratch.

3. Get the Balance Right

For having a green smoothie in particular, so it is more important to have the right balance with proper ingredients. Being too much enthusiastic with green leafy will make it desperate to get a well-blended smoothie, but one cup is usually adequate for one serving.

4. How to Make Smoothies Thicker with Grains

For a thicker smoothie without the help of frozen fruit, you can try adding some oatmeal or quinoa instead. This gives you the energy to boost up protein and fiber and provides the smoothie with a great taste.

5. Blending High Vs. Low

Depending upon the type of blender, it may go for a better smoothie if you combine it on a low setting to start with and work up to a higher one, rather than blasting on a higher environment from the off. This will help the blender to process the ingredients more quickly and gradually. You can check at this buying guide to find the best blender for smoothie.

6. Add in Some Dairy

Greek yogurt or butter milk can be an another great thinker and brings a creamy texture to the smoothies. Yogurt is full of protein and helps to fill you up. Buttermilk can be an option if you don’t have yogurt.

7. Blend in Stages

With the help of using a leafy green in a smoothie, as their health benefits are very impressive, but you have to make sure that you don’t ruin your taste and smoothness of your smoothie. First of all add the greens first and then with the liquid base, and then add the rest

8. Use Ingredients That Contain Water

Watermelon and cucumber are two great examples of ingredients that naturally contain lots of water, so they act as an excellent choice for watering down and providing more nutrients than water itself.

9. Invest In a Good Blender

There is not much thing that you can do if your blender leaves chunks behind that are not thoroughly blended, but this is where a high performing blender can be a significant investment. It will provide a smooth blending every time, whereas budget blenders can be much more hit and miss with this.

10. Put some ice cubes

Smoothie are always delicious when it cold, that is why people like to include some ices cubes when making their smoothies. Besides it will make the smoothies feel fresh it will also help to make your smoothie become thicker.

The Effects of Low Serotonin Levels

Low Serotonin

One vital aspect that you need to know is that you can determine your moods all the time. It sounds weird?
The thing is that your body is designed in such a manner that allows you to produce particular hormones which are vital in determining your state of mind.
For instance, serotonin, commonly known as happiness hormone, enables you to have a pleasant feeling all the time and the general wellness.

However, it is necessary to understand that as a neurotransmitter, it also plays numerous quintessential functions that are way beyond the emotional state of mind.

This hormone acts both as a neurotransmitter when in the brain and as a hormone as it gets into the bloodstream.
Serotonin also plays quite a considerable psychological and physical roles. For instance, it overrides the primary functions that take place in the metabolism of bones, regeneration of liver as well as the division of cells in various body organs.

Effects of Low Serotonin Levels

The chemical composition and reaction of the serotonin are exciting and unusual because it enables you to have an internal compensation that makes it possible for you to have improved well-being of all right critical processes.
In this article, I want to look at some of the immediate effects that one would suffer from in case they contain a low level of serotonin in their body.

It is vitally essential because most of these symptoms are generally attributed to other problems whereas in actual sense lack of serotonin would be responsible for the same.

1. Leads to digestive disorders

The digestive system begins the moment you start chewing the food. All the guilty muscles are involved in the entire process.
While at it, the contractions happen at the gastrointestinal tract, forcing the ingested foods and other forms of liquids to move down the digestive system.
In this event, should the serotonin levels be too low, the cells will fail to release adequate calcium. And if you didn’t know, when the calcium production is low, the work of the muscles at the digestive tract will also be little.

2. Weak immune system

Your immune system is your shield that protects your body from a wide range of infections, colds as well as determining your emotional state of mind.
A suppressed immune system will always subject your body to various infections, and you will still be susceptible to diseases because your cells become weak.
Lack of serotonin leads to a weaker immune system which is dangerous to your wellbeing given that you will always be prone to diseases most of the time.

3. The relationship between low serotonin levels and irritation

Interestingly, 95% of serotonin hormone is produced and stored in your intestines. This is vital because it works as a backup if there is a deficiency in the brain as a neurotransmitter by creating and continuing with the intestinal functions.
Lack of it may lead to some uncomfortable conditions such as constipation from time to time. At this point, the muscles present in the digestive system might fail to work correctly hence leading to an irritable experience.

It is thus essential to always have a medical assessment performed on you from time to time. Blood analysis among other essential tests would also lead to a determination of whether or not such problems are as a result of low serotonin.

4. Adjusted Biological Clock

You need to realize that lack of enough sleep of constant sleep disturbances often arises from low levels of serotonin.
This situation can lead to change in the circadian rhythm, which is a common symptom that of low serotonin production that also generates fatigue during the day and insomnia at night.

The net impact of this is the point at which you fall lethargic amid the day regularly; the odds are high that you may experience the ill effects of uncontrolled gloom.
To sum it all, this kind of depression can also be as a result of severe lack of serotonin.

5. Enhanced appetite for salty food

If you suffer from low levels of serotonin, you’ll realize that you have an unwavering taste for salt and salty foods.
The primary reason is that most of your body cells are in need of sodium which can easily be obtained from eating these types of foods.

6. Migraines

Migraines on most occasions also arise as a result of low levels of serotonin. It is something that you need to sort out relatively fast because too much of it can render you unproductive to even conduct your various day to day tasks.

7. Depression

As earlier described, low serotonin levels can lead to unwavering depression. It is often common in women who lack enough serotonin.
This is because it affects the state of mind which happens to be somewhat drained.

What happens is that the number of receptors is usually reduced to absorb serotonin.
In some instances, a proper diet and exercise can help to enhance the state of mind of an individual but only if the depression is mild.
In many occasions, you will need some sort of medication to control this particular condition

8. High levels of anxiety and nervousness

Low levels of serotonin also lead to agitation and high levels of stress. It becomes difficult for you to focus on something until the moment you complete it.
You will always stay in a shaky state of mind given that your receptors fail to withstand the prevailing condition.
This can be serious because you will end up being unproductive.

9. Small memory difficulties

Lack of serotonin can also be critical because it can lead to memory lapses. It merely means that the effect goes all the way to affect the brain such that you will be unable to remember some of the most important events regarding a particular situation.
This is critical because it affects your operations and the manner in which you conduct your day to day activities.
Furthermore, memory lapses can also result in loss of valuable information.

How to Relax Restless Legs and Your Mind

how to relax restless legs

Your legs feel uncomfortable throbbing, tickle, unpleasant crawling, and it’s uncomfortable when you are going to sleep, this condition urge you to move your legs over and over. This condition felt by people who have Restless Legs Syndrome (RLS) and thinking how to relax restless legs.

Restless Legs Syndrome

Restless Legs Syndrome (RLS) is a common condition of a neurological disorder that causes an overwhelming that cause an overwhelming urge to your feet so that it creates a response to move your feet. Director of the Sleep Disorders Center, notes “You feel an urge to move your legs at night and rest, and can only relieve it by moving your legs.”

How common is it? This condition occurs in any gender, more common in women and often occur in middle-aged or old. RLS in moderate cases may be severe to diagnose because the pain may come and go. So, some people don’t recognise that RLS in ordinary matters as a serious problem.“In fact, some people don’t seek medical attention for RLS because their symptoms are mild and intermittent.

Others don’t recognise that this problem can lead to other sleep and health issues,” she says. Even RLS has not severe impact on health, but it still disturbing your bedtime or rest which in the end damage your quality of sleep.

What is Restless Leg Syndrome

What are the RLS symptoms? It feels uncomfortable throbbing, pulling, unpleasant crawling or creeping sensation in the legs that bother you when you are relaxing, resting or trying to sleep, which usually occurs at night. The severity of symptoms increases from irritating to painful throughout the night. The RLS symptoms can be relieved by moving your legs. This uncomfortable feeling also affects the arms and both of legs. Dr Foldvary says, “The arms and entire body can be affected in more advanced cases.” There may be other symptoms not mentioned above, if you have a concern about a sign, consult with your doctor.

How to Relax Restless Legs?

  1. The RLS is too disturbing your bedtime or rest at night and make you feel sleepy on the day. Then you cannot get your better sleep. So, how to relax the restless legs?
    Dr Foldvary has five strategies to ease restless legs, it’s merely and easies to try on your own.
    Rubbing or lightly massaging your legs is useful to minimise the pain of RLS when symptoms develop in bed.
  2. Try to do a Mentally engaging activity like read or do crossword puzzles to help you relax before your bedtime.
  3. It’s better to take a warm bath or shower before you retire for the night, it can relax the muscles and reduce the symptoms.
  4. Wake up quickly and take a brief walk to the kitchen or bathroom if you feel RLS strikes when you are sleep or falling asleep.
  5. Don’t let RLS symptoms be with you more than 20 minutes awake in bed that can lead to chronic insomnia disorder.

Triggers of Restless Legs

Your legs need a movement within a specified period. Inactivity of legs for a long-time triggers RLS symptoms. These conditions below may trigger RLS:
Long car trips; when you are on a long journey in a car, sit for a long time. Try to take a rest in the middle of your trip to relax your legs and your body for a while.

  • Long distance flights; if you are a flight for long distance choose a seat near the hall to have a space to move your legs.
  • Sitting in a movie theatre; sitting for a long time in the movie theatre can make your legs inactive for certain period.
  • Relaxation exercise
  • Immobilization in a cast

The cause of RLS is unknown correctly, and some researchers guess that this condition is a result of imbalance dopamine in the brain which controls the movement of muscles. Besides that, genetics may also be a factor, especially if it started before 50 years of age. People in middle-age and pregnancy have more risks to get RLS. Iron deficiency, kidney disease, and other chronic conditions and certain medications can also cause RLS.

If RLS symptoms disturb you every night, talk to your doctor or consult a sleep medicine specialist. You need to get a good night’s sleep to start a new day with good energy and work fine and can relax your mind.