Tips Making Smoothie : How to Make Smoothies Thicker

How to Make Smoothies Thicker

Healthy smoothies are beneficial for your body and also easy to make, and thick ice-cream like smoothies are more even better. They keep us full of energy for the longer duration of time and are so satisfying that they don’t also leave your carving junk for sweets or foods. So, here are ten ways that how to make smoothies thicker:

1. Frozen vs. Fresh Fruit

Frozen fruit gives a deliciously creamy texture to smoothies and is an excellent thickener for smoothies that are a bit too runny mainly frozen banana. You can save the preparation time by chopping your fruit into vast chunks and popping it into freezer bags.

When you are ready to make your smoothie, you will already have the right amount waiting for you. The backside of using frozen fruit is that budget blenders with low power machine will struggle to cope with them, so that you will need one of the strong smoothie blenders that guarantee will crush all the ingredients.

2. Add Nut Butters

Another option for thicker smoothies is to add some nut butter such as almond butter and peanut. That gives a yummy taste and blend well with the great smoothie. If you also have a high-performance blender, then you can even have a go at making your nut butter from scratch.

3. Get the Balance Right

For having a green smoothie in particular, so it is more important to have the right balance with proper ingredients. Being too much enthusiastic with green leafy will make it desperate to get a well-blended smoothie, but one cup is usually adequate for one serving.

4. How to Make Smoothies Thicker with Grains

For a thicker smoothie without the help of frozen fruit, you can try adding some oatmeal or quinoa instead. This gives you the energy to boost up protein and fiber and provides the smoothie with a great taste.

5. Blending High Vs. Low

Depending upon the type of blender, it may go for a better smoothie if you combine it on a low setting to start with and work up to a higher one, rather than blasting on a higher environment from the off. This will help the blender to process the ingredients more quickly and gradually. You can check at this buying guide to find the best blender for smoothie.

6. Add in Some Dairy

Greek yogurt or butter milk can be an another great thinker and brings a creamy texture to the smoothies. Yogurt is full of protein and helps to fill you up. Buttermilk can be an option if you don’t have yogurt.

7. Blend in Stages

With the help of using a leafy green in a smoothie, as their health benefits are very impressive, but you have to make sure that you don’t ruin your taste and smoothness of your smoothie. First of all add the greens first and then with the liquid base, and then add the rest

8. Use Ingredients That Contain Water

Watermelon and cucumber are two great examples of ingredients that naturally contain lots of water, so they act as an excellent choice for watering down and providing more nutrients than water itself.

9. Invest In a Good Blender

There is not much thing that you can do if your blender leaves chunks behind that are not thoroughly blended, but this is where a high performing blender can be a significant investment. It will provide a smooth blending every time, whereas budget blenders can be much more hit and miss with this.

10. Put some ice cubes

Smoothie are always delicious when it cold, that is why people like to include some ices cubes when making their smoothies. Besides it will make the smoothies feel fresh it will also help to make your smoothie become thicker.

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